Medicines Optimisation

Utilising over 30 years’ experience, FDB has developed an innovative prescribing decision support solution to the medicines optimisation challenge. Designed in collaboration with GPs, Medicines Management teams and CCG prescribing leads, OptimiseRx provides point of care prescribing guidance and AnalyseRx provides retrospective analytics.
Our solution can help to improve patient safety and outcomes, meet best practice guidelines and manage cost.

AnalyseRx is the only medicines optimisation analytics tool to report at population and patient level. Analysis, reporting and benchmarking can take place at CSU, CCG, GP Practice, prescriber, patient and prescription level to identify and manage areas such as:

  • Cost and value
  • Prescribing variations
  • Best practice adherence
  • Safety compliance
  • Intervention opportunities
  • Optimal drug regimens for long term conditions
  • Individual patients responsible for the trends at population level


  • Relevant view of prescribing activity data tailored to the organisation
  • Consistent view of prescribing activity data for both operational users and management
  • Better informed review of clinically sensitive changes to drug strategies
  • Reduced burden on GPs to review existing prescriptions, through integration with OptimiseRx

FDB works with analytics partners who supply expert solutions to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) or Commissioning Support Units (CSUs). FDB can introduce you to the analytics partner whose solution aligns best with your needs.

Medicines Optimisation - AnalyseRx

AnalyseRx - Population View

Gives CSUs and CCGs the power to use patient level data to drive clinically meaningful dashboards presenting anomaly tracking, adherence to NHS mandated safety and evidence based best practice guidelines and prescribing spends. It provides high level analytics showing where population level savings and quality improvements can be made. The accuracy of the analytics is superior as it reports on prescribing in the context of patient level clinical characteristics not just the medication.  Patient detail is used to compile the reports, but the patient is not identifiable.

Reporting areas include:

• Prescribing safety compliance
• Managing variations in prescribing
• Cost and value
• Best adherence
• Tracking interventions

AnalyseRx - Patient View

Provides patient level reporting and identifies the individual patients that were responsible for the trends seen using AnalyseRx - Population View.  It also allows you to action optimal drug regimens or interventions for long term condition patient cohorts or individuals. It supports intervention opportunities by providing real time information, at patient / prescriber level, enabling easy access to information to enable:

• Case finding
• Clinical audit
• Patient-specific medication plans

For more details on AnalyseRx or to arrange a demonstration, please call us on +44 (0) 1392 440 100 or complete our Contact us form.