Medicines Optimisation

Utilising over 30 years’ experience, FDB has developed an innovative prescribing decision support solution to the medicines optimisation challenge. Designed in collaboration with GPs, Medicines Management teams and CCG prescribing leads, OptimiseRx provides point of care prescribing guidance and AnalyseRx provides retrospective analytics.
Our solution can help to improve patient safety and outcomes, meet best practice guidelines and manage cost.

The King’s Fund suggested that effective medicines optimisation should minimise risk, maximise effectiveness, minimise cost and respect patient choice. With its extensive clinical expertise, informatics skills and unparalleled drug knowledge, FDB was positioned to develop a solution to address all four of these areas.

First, we took data from over 450,000 patients across 12 CCGs during a detailed validation exercise. The results showed that in an average practice of 5,000 patients, indicative savings of £17,350 were identified and, on average, 10.23% of patients had safety issues with their current prescription combination. We then introduced an early adopter programme during which our solution was deployed to nine TPP SystmOne practices distributed across two CCGs to gather feedback. After wide acceptance and a positive response, we launched OptimiseRx and AnalyseRx.

Our medicines optimisation solution links out to the following evidence-based guidance:

  • Best Practice: QIPP, NICE, MHRA, Cochrane, Core Long Term Condition modules
  • Safety: Dose, Patient checks (contraindications and allergies), Drug checks (interactions, duplicate therapy), Safety indicators (PINCER, King’s Fund, STOPP)
  • Cost and Value: QIPP, Therapeutic Interchanges, Brand/generic