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It is well known within primary care that there are challenges facing commissioners and clinicians alike. Specifically within medicines management the main requirements are improving safety, managing costs, managing variation and decreasing waste.

  • Medicines are still most common therapeutic intervention and biggest cost after staff
  • Over 5 % of hospital admissions are due to adverse effects of medicines
  • Over 900 million prescribed items are dispensed in the UK each year and 1in 20 prescriptions will contain an error
  • 1 in 8 people experience a prescribing or monitoring error

One of the main challenges for a CCGs Medicines Management Team and for GP’s is the constantly changing guidance from journals, articles and national guidance. It is a herculean task for one individual to keep track of this information and be able to recall it all in a consultation.

FDB’s teams of researchers, clinicians and informaticians are experts in taking this prescribing guidance, patient data and pharmacological knowledge and representing it in a computable format to drive active clinical decision support and deliver true medicines optimisation. The result is OptimiseRx – the only system fully integrated with the patient record that delivers significant shifts in prescribing towards more clinically and cost effective choices.

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