FDB’s AnalyseRx and OptimiseRx now available on the G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace

FDB (First Databank) is pleased to announce that their latest medicines optimisation solution, FDB AnalyseRx, has been approved to join the G-Cloud 12 framework, joining FDB OptimiseRx on the government’s latest G-Cloud framework.

G-Cloud is the UK Government’s digital marketplace providing public sector organisations with a simplified purchasing process for cloud-based services and software. G-Cloud 12 replaces G-Cloud 11 from the 28th September 2020.

FDB AnalyseRx will be officially launching in early 2021 and joining the framework will make purchasing the solution easier for prospective NHS customers. AnalyseRx has been developed to support emerging Primary Care Networks and established Clinical Commissioning Groups in delivering critical NHS Long Term Plan medicines optimisation directives. The solution offers proactive, well-governed, ongoing medicines optimisation across a patient population by providing actionable evidence-based best practice, safety and cost guidance integrated within existing clinical system workflows.

FDB OptimiseRx has been available on the G-Cloud framework for 5 years and continues its availability on G-Cloud 12.   

Simon Radcliffe, Head of Commercial Management, FDB UK said: “We’re delighted that AnalyseRx has been welcomed to the latest G- Cloud framework, in readiness of the launch of this innovative cloud solution from FDB.  

“We wanted a trusted and secure framework to launch AnalyseRx, and our success with OptimiseRx on G-Cloud is testament to the ease of purchase it provides, while ensuring diligent and stringent processes for public sector customers.”

For more information on OptimiseRx and AnalyseRx on the framework and how to purchase please visit our listings, or contact us at sales@fdbhealth.com