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Good medicines management, or optimisation of medicines, ensures medicines are used appropriately from both a clinical and cost perspective.
But it’s about so much more than just cost alone, with better patient outcomes and the quality agenda at the heart of effective medicines management.

FDB is at the forefront of finding intelligent and innovative ways to optimise medicines across all healthcare sectors in the UK, while keeping the patient at the heart of prescribing decisions. FDB OptimiseRx is the leading medicines optimisation solution for primary care in the UK and is having a direct impact on helping NHS Medicines Management teams and GPs to deliver effective medicines optimisation. OptimiseRx combines evidence-based best practice, safety indicators and cost management into its prescribing messages and delivers them in real time at the point of care within the prescribing workflow.

Tailored to the patient medical record, OptimiseRx takes into consideration current and previous medications, morbidities, observations and test results to support prescribers in making the most clinically appropriate prescribing decision. By aligning prescribing with best practice guidance, a medication is more likely to achieve effectively treat the patient and deliver value on the NHS investment.

OptimiseRx leads the UK medicines optimisation market

saving to the NHS through cost-effective prescribing
prescribing transactions a day at peak times

Use of the available national content in OptimiseRx means that the NHS doesn’t need to produce the same content across multiple local organisations. This improves consistency and reduces the time spent on getting high quality guidance to NHS prescribers.  Medicines Management teams can choose to localise and enable national messages that FDB has published and once enabled these are instantly visible to prescribers in their clinical system’s prescribing workflow.

GPs benefit from seeing fewer prescribing alerts and messages when using OptimiseRx due to the informatics and algorithms that present messages relevant to the information found in the coded patient record and filtering out messages that are not clinically meaningful to the current patient. Find out more about how our OptimiseRx supports medicines management.

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