Gemma Mendham

Marketing Manager

What do you like best about working for FDB?

One of the main things that I enjoy about working at FDB is the frequent interaction with the NHS. The software solutions I work with mean that I am able to see daily how FDB is helping the NHS to reduce costs, support best practice prescribing and enhance patient safety. I love the fact that the solutions we are developing are directly impacting positively on patients’ lives.

I also really like the fact that FDB is part of a much bigger corporation, so we get a lot of the ‘big company’ benefits. As our business is quite different to the other companies in Hearst, I think people can be quite surprised that we are owned by them. However, we get the independence of a smaller company which enables us to be more agile in the way we work. I really like the way the company works, and the fact you get to work with cross functional teams with a wide range of experts, we have really innovative, very experienced people working across the business.

I love our flexible working at FDB – it’s a huge benefit. There is a Working from Home policy and this is so helpful to staff. People are able to come in to work at different times to suit them: flexibility and balance are key – and we are really supported with this at FDB.


What drew you to FDB?

I had moved down from London and was investigating businesses and roles in the area. I came from a healthcare publisher and knew from experience about FDB (Hearst Health) so when a job opportunity arose, I came in to see them.  I really enjoyed the experience and felt FDB was a really good fit for me. Many people who come to FDB don’t have an NHS background, and this really is not a problem. There’s a broad range of expertise across FDB and I’m lucky enough to get to see this every day.


Did you have an induction?

There is a recommended corporate induction and on top of this, each team tailors their induction to suit the department. I think on the content side, during interviews, candidates are given product demos, which I think is very useful.


What’s your day-to-day work life like (daily tasks etc.)?

My day is always varied which means there is no ‘typical’ day for me - every day can be so different – which is great! I can be planning campaigns, creating press release, working on strategic initiatives and retention tactics to new feature launches. We have a very active events schedule during the year, from exhibitions to customer roadshows, which I lead on as well; it’s a fantastic opportunity to get face to face with our customers. I could also be creating videos to maximise customer uptake - it just depends on the day and the season – it’s always changing!


What do you find challenging?

As I am working on two products – one that is about to launch and one that is further on in its life cycle and very successful, I do have to wear different hats for the two solutions. At the same time, it is insightful to see how a piece of software is developed and what we can do to help our existing customers improve their experience and value from the solutions.


What would your number one tip for new starters be?

I would say: don’t think that you will need to know everything about the products within a week! Outside of the software aspect, we have a large content team who are constantly reviewing NHS guidance to ensure the solutions have the most relevant and up to date clinical information. Take your time to learn and speak to colleagues from every team whenever you can – as this helps so much. Part of my induction was meeting people from all different teams, and it helped me understand how we all work together.

Oh, and don’t forget to try the coffee, we have great coffee to help kick start the day!