Joe Griffiths

Product Architect – AnalyseRx

What do you like best about working for FDB?

What I really like about working with FDB is that it gives me the ability to work on solutions that will have a positive impact on people’s lives and can potentially save lives. It gives us a lens to focus on what is important and makes me want to strive to do my best.

What drew you to FDB?

I’d been living in London and wanted to relocate to the South West. I had been a product owner before in retail and in the tourism industry and I was really drawn to FDB because of its focus in the medical space and the fact the software that is created here helps people. My journey to Product Architect was a kind of round about one, I’d worked at Sainbury’s as a check out operator, went to university, but it wasn’t for me, then went back to Sainsbury’s, where I was offered a marketing role. I then went on to work as a campaign manager and then moved into a techy role, which led me to my role here at FDB.

Did you have an induction?

I felt the company supported me in my move, and I had a useful induction into the role and the company.

What’s your day-to-day work life like (daily tasks etc.)

The great thing about the role, and what really drew me to it, is that a typical day doesn’t really exist! Every day is very different – one day I could be in a strategy meeting in house, then out meeting customers. I work with developers, techy people and business professionals to solve any issues that may arise . I would say I spend the bulk of my time in Exeter, but a fair bit of time out on the road and off-site testing and helping our customers make sure that they are getting the most value tout of tech we build.

What do you find challenging?

Coming into FDB from a non-medical background, having worked in travel and retail, meant this was quite a different thing to get my head around. However, while this was challenging, it was also really good to move into a completely different industry, and one that I feel is really making a difference.

What would your number one tip for new starters be?

I would say: don’t be afraid to ask questions. We work with so many amazing clinicians who are always happy to answer questions.