Rachel Chown

Principal Clinical Researcher – International Team

What do you like best about working for FDB?

What I like best about working at FDB is that every day is challenging and different, and there is always something new and exciting to get stuck into! Also, the team I am in is fantastic, really friendly and great to work with!

What drew you to FDB?

After university, I had always assumed that I would go into lab work, as that was what I had studied to do. However, I had a friend who worked for FDB, who would regularly suggest that I should look into applying for FDB as I would love the job. I couldn’t quite get my head around this, after all, it was an office – how did that work? Eventually, she wore me down, and I have to say that she was absolutely right when she said that the job was perfect for me! I initially joined the London office and lived there working in the international team. When the London office relocated to join the rest of FDB in Exeter, I was enjoying my role so much I decided to relocate to Exeter too. I am so glad I did – it has all worked out perfectly for me!

Did you have an induction?

I did have an induction when I started my role in London, and again a quick induction when I moved to Exeter, but this was as the role had remained the same. What I did receive was a massive amount of support on my relocation; FDB found me accommodation and were really supportive and helpful in this big move.

What’s your day-to-day work life like (daily tasks etc.)

Every day is very different, but my main tasks as a researcher is finding out information about medicines for international usage and creating Product Information. Once I have found the information, I create a concept – this concept is then used all across the world in our databases. We manage formularies for clients all across the globe.

What do you find challenging?

I guess it could be a challenge, as we cover so many different regions and work with a lot of different teams internationally, however it keeps things interesting!

What would your number one tip for new starters be?

My number one tip for new starters would be to just throw yourself into your new role. The role is always developing and allows for focusing on the talents of each employee.