Tyreece Simpson

Digital and Technology Solutions Apprentice - Multilex

What do you like best about working for FDB?

I am an apprentice software engineer here at FDB, and I love creating and fixing software. It gives me a massive sense of accomplishment that people get to use the software I have created. I also really like the community here at FDB – the people are really accommodating and friendly and they help me a lot. I also have a really flexible schedule, which is great.

What drew you to FDB?

I found out about FDB and the apprenticeship on the Exeter University website, which was the university I wanted to attend. Doing this apprenticeship is the best of both worlds for me as I get to stay in education, while also getting industry knowledge.

Did you have an induction?

Yes – I started in September 2018 and found the induction was very flexible. My colleague and I were the first apprentices here at FDB, so I suppose you could say that the company was testing the waters with us. They let us guide ourselves in, so we did not have a set regime to start with. As we learned more and more, we became part of the team.

What’s your day-to-day work life like (daily tasks etc.)

My tasks are constantly changing as I’m an apprentice. Day to day, it could be web development, software development, testing – everything! There is real flexibility in the role and FDB put me out and about across the company – which is great. It helps me develop my specific knowledge of software engineering and the company’s domain knowledge. 

What do you find challenging?

As I’m only young, I suppose I find quite a lot challenging. However, this is great – as I want to be challenged and I don’t want to get complacent. I am set on a learning path here at FDB and I feel really supported in my growth.

What would your number one tip for new starters / new apprentices be?

I think it would be to ask as many questions as you can, as people here are very helpful and it’s a unique industry, so engage with as many people as you can, as everyone wants to help.