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Medicare Module-HCPCS Select™

Simplifying Medicare Part B drug administration and reimbursement.

The Medicare Module accelerates and simplifies the billing, processing, and review of Medicare Part B drug administration and drug product reimbursement. The drug content includes Medicare Part B Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) billing codes and prices, and can be easily integrated into the claims processing and billing systems of both payers and providers, enabling quick access to information on oral and injectable drugs covered by Medicare Part B.

FDB Medicare Module Advantages:

  • Helps save time and expense in formulary building, billing, coding, claims processing, and auditing.
  • Allows quick access to information on drugs with HCPCS codes for use in the Medicare system, as well as non-covered drugs that can be reported in other settings.
  • Information provided includes: HCPCS codes for an NDC, short HCPCS code descriptions and their coverage status, HCPCS codes for drugs not reported by CMS in their crosswalks, HCPCS codes for new drugs weekly, current and historical Part B payment allowance limits by HCPCS code, current and historical NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) payment limits by NDC code, date upon which the HCPCS code became valid for reporting, coverage status for drug products associated to HCPCS codes, and a separate Medicare Part B table (with both current and historical payment allowance limits, as published by CMS) for drugs used during physician and outpatient services.