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Duplicate Therapy Module™

Preventing patients from receiving duplicate drug therapies.

The Duplicate Therapy Module is a tool that helps clinicians prevent patients from receiving duplicate drug therapies through the deployment of a highly-specific clinical screening of duplicate drug therapies with clinical relevance. The module helps detect potentially problematic duplications—not simply two drugs in the same therapeutic class, which may be valid to be prescribed together. For further refinement, a customizable field indicates how many drug duplicates are acceptable for a specific grouping.

FDB Duplicate Therapy Module Advantages:

  • Provides multiple duplicate therapy screening techniques by comparing the ingredients of a newly added drug to the active ingredients of drugs in the patient's profile, and then checking the new drug against a specialized Duplicate Therapy Class. If either method detects a conflict, a warning message may be generated, depending on threshold settings.
  • Tailored therapy class settings enables the detection of drugs that are frequently prescribed for multiple therapeutic classes, yet act by similar mechanisms or belong to similar pharmacologic classes.
  • Allows each duplicate therapy class to be assigned a duplication allowance. This value specifies the maximum number of duplicate-therapy matches that can occur within a duplicate therapy class without generating a warning. Thus if the duplication allowance were set to zero, and one or more newly prescribed drugs were detected in a given Duplicate Therapy Class, a match would occur, and a warning generated.