Multilex presents an ideal drug knowledge solution for developers and healthcare decision makers alike. The industry's most rigorous compilation of drug information for integration within healthcare information systems, Multilex has been proven in literally thousands of healthcare contexts.

While FDB’s Multilex has significantly evolved since its introduction as Multilex Drug Data File (MDDF), the core benefits that may be gained by using this leading drug knowledge base continue to increase. That includes the fact that the drug knowledge base is persistently researched and verified by an expert team of highly credentialed and deeply experienced clinicians, researchers, pharmacists and informaticists.

Multilex enables just about every medication decision support system possible:

> e-Prescribing
> e-Discharge
> Hospital Pharmacy Dispensing
> Medicines Management Patient Journey
> Cost Management
> Compliance and Best Practice
> Pharmacy Dispensing
> Pharmacy Stock Control
> Interoperability

Connecting with all the rest.
Multilex is available in versions covering drug products and packs used in the UK and beyond.  FDB also offers medication decision support solutions in the USA, Middle East, and other regions.