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Medicines Optimisation

Supporting the NHS with the battle of the budgets.

So just where is that £20 billion NHS saving really going to come from?  Getting more from the medicines budget, that’s where.  Using FDB’s core drug knowledge, the Medicines Optimisation solution suite brings new tools to analysing prescribing behaviour at population, practice or patient level, and then gives the detail needed to DO something about it, in real-time.

FDB advantages for medicines management:

  • OptimiseRx Point of Care gives clinicians the information to establish not just whether the medicines they are planning to prescribe are considered safe and suitable for the specific patient, but also whether they adhere to NHS best practice guidelines, and won’t break the bank,
  • AnalyseRx Population View gives CSUs and CCGs the power to use patient level data to drive clinically meaningful dashboards presenting anomaly tracking, adherence to NHS mandated safety and evidence based best practice guidelines and prescribing spends. It delivers high level analytics showing where population level savings and quality improvements can be made.
  • AnalyseRx Patient View provides patient level reporting and identifies the individual patients that were responsible for the trends seen using AnalyseRx - Population View.  It also allows you to action optimal drug regimens or interventions for long term condition patient cohorts or individuals.