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Community Pharmacy

Having to work faster, needing to work smarter.

While having more people in front of the counter is generally good for business, the reality is that adding volume increases the decision-making pressure on already busy pharmacists. That’s why your system should be powered by intuitive, targeted, and actionable drug knowledge that supports making efficient clinical and business-related decisions while it promotes patient safety and better outcomes.

FDB advantages for retail pharmacies:

"The Multilex Drug Data File is probably the best database there is."

Phil Hurst, The Boots Company Plc

  • Multilex drug knowledge base plays an essential role in medication decision support for many community pharmacies in the UK.
  • FDB provides medication decision support including drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy interactions, and duplicate-therapy detection.
  • FIRSTLight, our referential drug database also provides patient-education leaflets and, professional drug reference information.
  • Consistent drug knowledge throughout the healthcare continuum - from community pharmacy to GP practice to secondary care. This broad presence facilitates healthcare information exchange.