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Mental Health

Mental health issues are a rising fact of modern life.

Providing the drug knowledge backbone to all system users supporting patients with mental health issues is no small feat. Administrators, therapists, social workers, nursing staff and psychiatrists are checking and monitoring patient progress and turn to FDB for help with expert clinical decision support. That’s why FDB offers so many solutions that turns drug data into targeted and intuitive drug knowledge which propels mental health medication-related decision making at the point of decision and beyond.

FDB advantages for mental health:

  • Multilex features the advanced medication decision support, supporting
    across multiple services and disciplines.
  • Supporting providers of integrated mental health services to individuals with mental health problems, drug addictions, challenging behavior and learning difficulties.
  • Allows clinicians to zero in on the right drug knowledge within their normal workflow.
  • Consistent drug knowledge throughout the healthcare continuum - from secondary care to GP practice to specialist mental health provision and community pharmacy. This broad presence facilitates healthcare information exchange.

"First Databank provides a product that we can plug straight into - the have the specialist knowledge so we don't have to spend time and resources doing it ourselves."

Jeff Llewellyn, CSE Healthcare Systems