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Integration Options

Our in-house experts will guide and support our customers throughout deployment.

FDB offers a number of integration options for Multilex and our in-house experts will guide and support our customers through the development process. There are two main models of integration available:

  • ASCII data files, and
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

ASCII data files

Containing raw data in tables, these files offer maximum flexibility for development. Customers can use their own data structures and select which sections of Multilex to implement.


APIs are perfect for customers who do not want to undertake the level of development required with ASCII files. They support a range of functions from simple data access to complex processes. The development process is faster and more efficient using an API and the use of a fully regression-tested API also reduces the time required for testing.

FDB offers options of an API built on the .NET and SQL Server platform, and a REST based web service. Specifics of the database and operating system versions supported by our APIs can be obtained by contacting Customer Services on +44 (0) 1392 440 111.