Case Studies

Learning from Success

In the following case studies, FDB customers share their experiences developing, implementing, and maintaining their healthcare information systems using our drug knowledge. Their stories reveal why developers, and their end users throughout the world, count on our solutions and our people to help them improve medication-related decisions at the point of decision and, ultimately, improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes.

OptimiseRx shines in Lincolnshire East CCG

NHS Lincolnshire East CCG undertook the first pilot of OptimiseRx in 2013, trialling the innovative medicines optimisation solution at 4 GP practices for 6 months. Read how OptimiseRx pilot success led to full solution roll out at 26 GP practices.

Out of Hours Compliance

In 2002 Advance Health & Care identified a need to incorporate clinical decision support into its Adastra v3 system to provide a solution to reduce prescribing errors. Read how FDB’s drug knowledge base helped guarantee compliance with out of hours regulations and how its integration into the Adastra system encouraged continuity of care.

“We chose Multilex, FDB's drug knowledge base because the database is already used widely and has a reputation for being safe and reliable. FDB works hard with us to provide the functionality we need for a first class system.”
—Alex Yeates, Medical Director of Advanced Health & Care

E-Discharge Solution

Following the roll out of the Winscribe electronic discharge (e-discharge) solution featuring Bluewire’s ePro product, Ealing Hospital now routinely delivers discharge summaries within 24 hours of patients leaving hospital. Find out how FDB’s Multilex leading drug knowledge base improved the e-discharge solution at Ealing Hospital.

“Prescriptions are now legible and are being written to a standard format that complies with the contract agreed with our commissioners. Feedback from GPs on the e-discharge documentation they now receive has been positive without exception. We are also able to write notes for internal use which we are finding a wonderful support for medicines reconciliations. Plus, the system is friendly for all users from nurses to clinicians and management technicians.”
—Stuart Richardson, Chief Pharmacist, Ealing Hospital

Conquering the e-Prescribing Challenge

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust opened in 1993 and provides a range of specialist services including a highly successful network of HIV and sexual health centres. Learn how the Trust’s e-prescribing system utilises FDB’s Multilex drug knowledge base functionality to carry out a number of important checks including drug-drug interactions, allergy checking and duplicate therapy.

“The introduction of e-prescribing has positively affected the work of the pharmacy department in a number of ways. Pharmacists can easily identify which inpatient prescriptions are newly written and those where therapy has not changed. Pharmacists can also identify discharge prescriptions as soon as they are written and see in a single screen which prescriptions are on stock on a particular ward and those which require a supply order."
—India Hardy, Deputy Chief Pharmacist - Clinical Support (acting) & Lead Pharmacist – e-Prescribing at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust

e-Prescribing and Patient Management

The Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust took the decision in 2008 to enhance its existing clinical management system CSC’s (formerly iSOFT) i.Clinical Manager (i.CM) to enable it to deliver a complete electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) service. Learn how FDB and CSC partnered to create and develop a tool that would integrate with the existing system and would provide more comprehensive, safe and accurate services to patients.

“ A key benefit is the ability to rationalise costs and encourage better use of resources, as prescribing information is now more easily evaluated, allowing the trust to assess the costs of prescribed drugs against their effectiveness for individual patients.“
—Duane McLean, Clinical Effectiveness and ePMA Pharmacist, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Single Reference System

FDB and CSE Healthcare Systems (CSE) have worked together since 2001 to provide expertise and an innovative health solution for Somerset NHS Partnership Trust. Learn more about what makes this long-term partnership a success.

“It was vital that full patient information is available in RiO allowing users access to patient condition information and historic and current medication records. The integration of Multilex into RiO provides users with access to clinical and commercial information on more than 75,000 pharmaceutical products and packs as well as patient specific clinical decision support – a vital element to the system’s design and value to the end user.”
—Kate Griffiths, Group Marketing Manager, CSE Healthcare Systems

Active Clinical Checking

The Arden Cancer Centre at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust chose to implement IMPAC’s Oncology Information System in 2006 and has successfully rolled out to its radiotherapy and haematology departments. The software contains active clinical checking functionality from FDB to improve patient safety. Find out more and about future plans to expand the partnership.

“Patients at the Arden Cancer Centre rely on clinicians for the best possible care. We have selected this system, designed specifically for the context we work in, to provide the patient information and clinical decision support necessary for us to select the best medicines and treatments for each individual.”
—Bill Kelly Radiographer, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

Drug Knowledge and Electronic Transcribing Systems

The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, developed an electronic transcribing system, eSCRIPT, to ensure safer medical practice. The eSCRIPT project not only speeded up processes in the pharmacy, but provided an important step towards electronic prescribing whilst increasing patient safety across the Trust.

“The benefits of using Multilex are clear. The drug data is comprehensive and regularly updated. The format of the data has allowed for an efficient introduction of an intuitive prescribing and transcribing tool.”
—Peter McGinness, Senior Clinical Pharmacist and Medicines Information Specialist, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Improving Clinical Risk Management

The JAC prescribing system incorporates the Multilex Drug Knowledge Base from FDB, which provides active clinical checking against the patient’s medical record. Read more about how Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust rolled out the system across a number of wards and how it has proved of benefit to both patients and clinicians.

“We chose to work with JAC and FDB because of the combined expertise in the field of electronic prescribing and patient safety. We were using the JAC pharmacy system already and it seemed the logical step to use their electronic prescribing system because it is the most advanced in the marketplace."
—Andrew Barker Clinical Director, Pharmacy & Medicines Management at Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Improving MAR charts in Care Homes

CareMeds have developed a sharepoint for critical medicines management data, implementing FDB’s clinical drug knowledge, to align care for residential and home care patients whilst helping to reduce medication errors.

"CareMeds needed its own independent and reliable source of data which we found we could have with FDB. At this moment in time the data is so much more powerful than we or our customers need but it was still possible to negotiate a framework that worked for us as a small business - critical for us going forward."
- John Rowley,Managing Director of CareMeds Ltd

Supporting SystmOne Users

FDB has been working with TPP since 1999, and its drug knowledge has been used in TPP’s product, SystmOne, since 2001, incorporating FDB’s Multilex drug knowledge base. Find out how FDB helped reduce medication errors and improve patient safety by improving the drug knowledge functionality within SystmOne.

“TPP continues to enjoy a great relationship with Multilex. We are proud to support Multilex, which offers the best clinical decision support on the market. Knowing that there is a dedicated team of specialists working on the knowledge base assures me that the data is of the highest possible standard for our users.”
—JOHN PARRY Clinical Director of TPP