About Us

Who we are
We’re a story that began more than four decades ago.

Since then, we’ve become the leading provider of clinical and descriptive drug knowledge that’s integrated into healthcare information systems around the world. Our knowledge has been tried, tested and trusted by thousands of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, consumers and other decision-makers from every part of the healthcare system. But we’re much more than that.

Happy Pharmacist in Pharmacy
We’re experts at our craft.
With a team of highly qualified clinicians, knowledge specialists, and IT experts, our team offers an unmatched depth of experience in successfully developing, maintaining, and implementing fully integrated drug knowledge.
Workers in office collaborating
We’re believers in “whatever it takes.”
That’s how we turn customers into partners, and transactions into relationships. The result: satisfaction ratings that prove we exceed customers’ needs and continuously raise the bar. We understand that to produce quality outcomes, knowledge specialists, IT systems, and clinical decision-makers must work together seamlessly.
Business Leaders in Meeting
We’re quality fanatics.
We use Six Sigma performance methodologies in tandem with real-time quality control to deliver the extraordinarily reliable and consistent content that creates unflagging confidence and unshakable trust among our customers, their customers, and healthcare information system users around the globe.

We’re innovators who embrace new thinking.

Which is why we continue to create comprehensive, configurable, and innovative knowledge solutions to meet current and emerging needs.

Pharmacist using tablet
A case in point: our new solution to enable next-level medicines optimisation
A recent example is AnalyseRx, our game-changing solution to help NHS primary care teams proactively identify and easily action medicines optimisation opportunities across a patient population.
Female clinician counseling female patient
We’re propelling medicines optimisation, personalised medicine, and whatever comes next.
And we’ve only just begun.

All of which brings us to our last point, call it the thread that knits our story together from basic beginnings 40-plus years ago, to our bright shared future: whoever you are, whatever your objective, you can count on FDB to proudly play our part—big or small—in providing the essential knowledge that supports both healthcare IT systems and the decision-makers who use them. You see, we have a vision of a healthier world and a mission based on one singular conviction:

When knowledge becomes more powerful,
the impossible becomes achievable.