FDB announces partnership with PRSB

FDB (First Databank) announced today (30th March) that it has partnered with the PRSB (Professional Record Standards Body) as part of its Standards Partnership Scheme. As a PRSB partner, FDB is keen to contribute its expertise and insight on digital prescribing, decision support and medicines optimisation to standards development so that electronic health records (EHRs) and other open data platforms contain consistent and complete information to support evidence-based best practice.  

PRSB is a UK-wide community interest company, established to develop clinical standards for health and care records. The PRSB’s standards identify critical information sets needed for safe and high-quality care and support their implementation, which helps front line staff to embed standards into everyday practice, with the aim of patients having to share information once only. Its Standards Partnership Scheme brings together health and care system suppliers and professionals to accelerate the progress towards interoperability and support the standards adoption for better care. 

With over four decades of experience, FDB is the UK’s leading provider of medicines optimisation and clinical decision support solutions that help healthcare professionals make precise decisions.  The partnership will enable FDB to collaborate with the PRSB and other partner organisations to implement standards and enhance interoperability between systems.

Phil Verplancke, Product and ITS Director, FDB: “We are very excited to be partnering with the PRSB and to be collaborating with other suppliers, to contribute to the implementation of clinical standards which are so vital to improving health outcomes.  We are in a unique position of being able to contribute practical and implementable recommendations as we have decades of experience in supporting interoperable drug knowledge for so many clinical system suppliers across the UK.”
Lorraine Foley, PRSB CEO said: “We are delighted to welcome FDB to our partnership programme. Their expertise in the field of digital medicines information sharing is so germane to our standards development work and its practical application is key to improving patient safety and clinical effectiveness. I look forward to collaborations that draw on their industry experience and clinical expertise.”

About FDB 
FDB is the UK’s leading supplier of clinical decision support and drug knowledge. Its solutions are integrated into healthcare systems across a wide range of settings, enabling evidence-based prescribing by providing essential checks to support clinicians. Its in-house team of expert clinicians check multiple sources and interpret NICE and other best practice resources to ensure that all medicines’ information is up to date.   Its position within the market means that FDB adopts new industry standards quickly and easily, while its clinical decision support can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of specialised environments to enhance clinical care, patient safety and quality.

About PRSB
The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) is a body responsible for the development of standards enabling interoperability for clinical record sharing across health and care. It is a member organisation bringing together 82 members, including royal colleges and social care organisations, and promotes professional and patient engagement to drive uptake of digital solutions in health and care. 
In addition to supporting safer and better care, use of the digital information standard will provide valuable information for secondary uses, which can support future research and developments in health and social care.