FDB’s OptimiseRx achieves savings of £300 million for the NHS

FDB (First Databank) has announced that its market leading medicines optimisation solution, OptimiseRx, has now achieved direct prescribing budget savings of £300 million for NHS organisations across the UK. Now covering a population of more than 44 million patients, OptimiseRx enables prescribers to switch individual patients onto more clinically appropriate and less expensive medicines and has grown savings from £100 million to £300 million in just four years.

In use in more than 4,500 GP practices across the UK, OptimiseRx messages deliver uniquely patient-specific prescribing information when the clinical information in the patient record indicates that a prescription may not be in line with national or local best practice guidance. Messages can also be used to discourage overprescribing or to offer clinically appropriate alternatives with less side effects or risk of harm. Oliver Clift, Head of Account Management, Delivery and Implementation at FDB says: ‘It’s great to be delivering such a patient-centric solution which is providing impressive savings for the NHS. To realise these savings at a time when the NHS needs more support than ever makes our team hugely proud.

We offer a fully managed service, with highly experienced pharmacist support from the get-go. Our customers welcome this level of service as they often face challenges for their time. This is reflected in a high level of satisfaction with a current net promoter score of +70. Our ability to support the NHS in a rapidly changing environment is very important to us and we want to ensure we deliver what they need when they need it and continue to support effective, safe and efficient prescribing.”

Developed by FDB and its team of clinicians, knowledge specialists, and technology experts, OptimiseRx launched in 2014. Alongside direct cost savings for the NHS, use of the solution has been shown to provide a range of wider clinical and financial benefits to the NHS and patients, including reduced hospital admissions, via an independent Health Economic Analysis.

Darren Nichols, Managing Director at FDB said: "We announce this milestone as we approach a decade since we first launched OptimiseRx in what was a very different landscape, and now more than ever to be able to save the NHS money and enhance outcomes for patients is a win-win. We are proud to support quality of prescribing and anything we can do to assist frontline staff is very important to us.”

*A Health Economic Analysis by Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) examined the wider clinical and financial benefits of OptimiseRx on a small subset of messages. The analysis showed there were substantial clinical benefits and financial impact for organisations using OptimiseRx.

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About FDB OptimiseRx

FDB OptimiseRx® is the leading medicines optimisation solution for primary care in the UK. OptimiseRx combines evidence-based best practice, safety and cost-effective prescribing messages, and delivers them in real time at the point of care during the prescribing workflow.

In use in more than 4,500 GP practices covering over 44.5m patients across the UK, OptimiseRx is the gold standard for prescribing decision support and medicines optimisation.

OptimiseRx is the only solution that delivers patient-specific prescribing guidance, integrated with prescribing workflows, supporting medicines optimisation at the point of care in EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne. Tailored to the patient medical record, OptimiseRx takes into consideration current and previous medications, morbidities, observations and measurements to support prescribers to make the safest, most clinically appropriate prescribing decision.