NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire using FDB AnalyseRx to improve patient outcomes and enhance productivity

Multidisciplinary teams across NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire have been using FDB AnalyseRx since 2023 with impressive results for the ICB, GP practices and PCNs. The team has used the software to support local practices and PCNs to deliver medicines safety initiatives and medicines cost savings opportunities. The solution is currently deployed to 79 practices and has 1,200 users across the two counties and is also helping support standardised care and delivering local improvement plans. 

FDB AnalyseRx helps primary care teams to proactively identify and easily action medicines optimisation opportunities across a patient population. Its standardised and collaborative approach supports NHS improvement and prevention plans, driving clinical excellence and reducing ineffective medicines. 

Anne Hadley, Joint Director of Pharmacy, Medicines and Clinical Policy (Interim) at NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire says: ‘We wanted to use AnalyseRx because we’ve worked with FDB for many years using their OptimiseRx solution at the point of care and had confidence in the software development expertise and the team. When we saw the AnalyseRx demonstration we felt this would work well to support our improvement plans across the ICB. Deployment went very well, and feedback has generally been positive. As well as supporting delivery of savings, we see AnalyseRx as a way of identifying patients at high risk of an admission as a result of medication to help keep them out of hospital. 

The reporting insights have helped us to identify new priorities to practices and PCNs. AnalyseRx also streamlines the approach by creating standardised projects that can pushed down to each practice. We’re also hearing great feedback from the pharmacists and technicians in practices who find the solution easy to use and is saving them time and effort and freeing up more time for patient care. Teams across the patch are also starting to realise cost savings.’

Joy Oyebokun, Clinical Account Manager at FDB, says: ‘Herefordshire and Worcestershire are a forward thinking ICB and transformation is a priority for them. The AnalyseRx reporting dashboards enable ICB users to see how their practices are progressing – they don’t have to wait for EPACT data as they can see the prescribing in near-real time. The users can control or push workstreams down to all the practices, then report back on each, so there is very little for practices to do, leading to increased productivity and more time for patient care.’ 

Darren Nichols, Managing Director at FDB, says: ‘We are delighted to be working with NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire as an early customer of our innovative, next-generation medicines optimisation solution. They are a pioneering NHS organisation, and we are proud that AnalyseRx is helping to maximise prescribing value across their ICB by pinpointing significant cost saving opportunities without compromising medicines safety.’


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