Written Medicine and FDB enter agreement to enable translated medication information

FDB (First Databank) today announced a contract has been signed to provide FDB Multilex to Written Medicine. Written Medicine provides healthcare professionals in secondary care and community pharmacies with certified online medical translation software and terminology services in over 15 languages and pictograms, meaning patients can read medication directions of use, warnings and indications in their native language; improving patient safety, compliance, patient experience and confidentiality. FDB creates and delivers the world’s most powerful drug knowledge, collaborating with partners to help improve patient safety, operational efficiency and health outcomes. 

This collaboration will see Written Medicine mapping its 3,500 Directions of Use, warnings and indications, to the FDB Multilex drug database and mandatory instructions.  

This vital translated information is printed in a bilingual format, providing additional information to patients regarding how to take their medicines in their own language, which avoids any misunderstanding and in turn supports patient safety, with the potential of reducing complications resulting from adverse drug reactions.  
Ghalib Khan, Founder and Director at Written Medicine says: ‘We are delighted to be working with FDB, as this will give us access to a globally recognised organisation's data that is maintained and updated regularly. As unused medication and poor adherence cost the NHS over £800m each year, our service is vital and we are pleased to be able to broaden our reach further.’

Darren Nichols, Managing Director at FDB said: "We are thrilled to partner with Written Medicine to enhance the accessibility and clarity of medication information for patients. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging our drug knowledge to improve patient safety and health outcomes. By integrating our data with Written Medicine, we aim to support healthcare professionals in delivering clear and comprehensible medication instructions, ultimately benefiting patients of diverse linguistic backgrounds.”

About FDB 
FDB (First Databank) creates and delivers the world’s most powerful drug knowledge that ignites, inspires, and illuminates critical medication decisions. We collaborate with our partners to help improve patient safety, operational efficiency, and health outcomes. Our solutions drive healthcare information systems that serve the majority of hospitals, GP practices, pharmacies and many other areas of healthcare and are used by thousands of clinicians every day. For a complete look at our solutions and services, please visit https://www.fdbhealth.co.uk/, or follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Written Medicine
Written Medicine is a social enterprise on a mission to improve patient experience through accessible medication information for all. Their solution is used by several NHS Trusts at the point of prescribing, dispensing and discharge. They are the only company to have a NHS England case study in reducing health inequalities:

Their content is developed by working with language professionals, clinicians, and patients, creating information that fits cultural and linguistic nuances for British ethnic minority communities. 

Please visit https://writtenmedicine.com/ and follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/writtenm-edicine/