Multilex incorporates 55,600 dm+d lymphoedema products

FDB announces that it has completed content development to improve coverage of lymphoedema appliances.

FDB has announced that it has completed content development to improve coverage of lymphoedema appliances, specifically around the addition of dm+d lymphoedema items within the FDB Multilex database. The company has added approximately 55,600 items which will appear as replacement product additions within the datafile.

Subsequent months will incorporate routine updates to appliances information as provided by dm+d. This work will ensure that all prescriptions of lymphoedema appliances can now be specified and transferred electronically from the prescriber to the dispenser within a seamless workflow.  The data enhancement to Multilex is providing improved data coverage of items that are frequently prescribed in the primary care sector.

Caroline Prouse, Product Manager at FDB says: “We are delighted to be enhancing our appliance data coverage within Multilex and aligning more closely to dm+d. This new data development will provide greater support to clinicians in electronic prescribing and transfer of prescriptions within vendors systems.”

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