Vision and Mission

What we see

We see a world where medication errors are a part of the distant past.

We are committed to the elimination of preventable medication errors and adverse drug events. The key to this complex challenge is to combine precise and useful medication decision support to clinicians with more intuitive information systems.

Female clinician sitting at computer keyboard
Clinicians fully embrace the value of information technology.
To get there, we need to provide clinician users with drug knowledge that they will not just notice, but find truly meaningful and actionable. And we need to deliver this information in a manner that minimises interruption of their natural clinical workflows.
Clinician at bedside with patient and tablet
Drug alerts are always meaningful, useful, and even welcomed.
We acknowledge that even though medication alerts can have a positive influence on treatment decisions, inappropriate and extraneous alerts can frustrate clinicians and degrade quality of care. Which is why we have developed customisation tools to support local alert preferences, and targeted medication decision support content that provides clinicians with more meaningful alerts based on each patient’s unique clinical context.

And every patient both understands and complies with their medication instructions.

We are also beginning to explore new ways to improve patient medication adherence, an important factor in reducing hospital readmissions and driving superior patient outcomes and satisfaction. To us, progress in this area will only happen when we successfully attack the literacy and linguistic roadblocks that patients face in trying to understand why they take their medications and how to take them.  

Young Girl with DNA Helix
We imagine every prescription appropriately adjusted for a patient’s genetic makeup.

We are looking ahead to medication decision support that considers patient parameters now on the cusp of being fully explored. Next up: integrating highly personalised and precise information into our drug knowledge in ways that will dramatically improve outcomes.

clinicians collaborating at computer
Where even the most complex clinical problems are entirely solvable.

Drug knowledge will play an increasingly critical role in healthcare: from population health and digital mobile engagement to artificial intelligence. And, more effective cooperation between healthcare decision makers, knowledge providers, and healthcare IT systems is essential to achieve progress.

It's all part of improving what we do, how we do it, and how that impacts quality of life.

Our vision of a healthier world is propelled by a deep understanding of the possibilities that drug knowledge can bring, and a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of healthcare IT systems and medical decision makers. It's a perspective that doesn't stop with the here and now, but explores the full scope of what the future could look like.
Because we know that as knowledge becomes more powerful, the impossible becomes achievable.

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