Paving the way for paperless prescriptions
Pharmacy dispensing plays a critical role in ensuring patient safety, education and satisfaction, and trusted drug data helps get it right.

The ongoing successful deployment of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) means that sending electronic prescriptions from GP surgeries to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice is now commonplace and paving the way for paperless prescriptions. FDB Multilex is a vital part of many of the UK’s retail pharmacy dispensing systems, helping pharmacy solution vendors to meet the challenges they face.  FDB’s core Clinical Decision Support (CDS) when integrated into pharmacy dispensing solutions, provides essential checks to support pharmacists within this workflow. FDB works with a wide range of leading retail pharmacy outlets, independents and supermarket pharmacy chains - as well as e-pharmacy solutions - meeting their need for relevant and actionable drug knowledge and thereby enhance safety for patients. 

The requirements surrounding EPS – while ensuring that the prescribing and dispensing process is more efficient – created issues for solution vendors, including the requirement for clinical decision support to enhance dispensing. Before the integration of CDS into solutions, pharmacists might not have picked up on potential interactions with other drugs or patient conditions. The comprehensive drug information provided by FDB includes all patient information, as well as warnings and instructions for taking medication, which can all be printed with the medication.

CDS provides comprehensive coverage of UK pharmaceutical products and clinical and commercial information, enabling effective medical use review. FDB can also supply highly informative patient information related to medications and products, including patient information leaflets, detailed patient counselling messages, and clear instructions on how to take and when to discontinue medications to facilitate patient compliance.

CDS also provides screening for drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-allergy interactions to help retail pharmacists provide effective medical use review. Advanced coding allows pharmacists to check the prescribing and any potential interactions while the patient is in front of them. They can also check dosing as part of clinical workflow. From drug dispensing and medication use reviews to patient education and counselling, Multilex supports healthcare professionals to enhance clinical care, patient safety and quality.

Pharmacy vendors rely on FDB’s industry-leading drug reference data and patient information, which is supported by an in-house team of expert clinicians.  Our experts check multiple sources and interpret NICE and other best practice resources to ensure that all medicines’ information is up to date.

Whether you are a pharmacy solution vendor, a pharmacist or pharmacist technician looking to improve your existing processes, talk to us about how Multilex can have a positive impact on pharmacy healthcare outcomes.

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