Drug Formulary Management

Local NHS organisations publish their formularies on their websites for referential access by local healthcare practitioners.

FDB supports the needs of NHS commissioners by implementing formularies directly into the prescribing workflow in clinical systems exposing the local policies to prescribers at the time it is most needed and relevant.  This enables healthcare professionals to know when they are prescribing something that is not locally approved or not contained in the local formulary.

Integrated into the leading GP clinical systems, FDB’s formulary management solutions incorporate the standard RAG status – also known as ‘Traffic Light’ status to highlight medications that should either not be prescribed at all (typically ‘red’), or where they are ‘amber’ and subject to shared care arrangements.  OptimiseRx messages can be used to support the prescribing status for all local colour codes and links to the local websites can be embedded in the message. 

Uniquely to OptimiseRx, if the prescribing status of a medication is dependent upon the condition for which the patient is being treated, this ‘drug indication’ or ‘patient condition’ can be reflected in a patient specific formulary message; allowing a ‘red’ message to appear for one patient and ‘amber’ for another.

clinician and ipad
We have launched a tool to instantly update and add any message required, meaning Clinical Commissioning Groups will be able to instantly update their own formulary content.

Find out more about how OptimiseRx supports Formulary Management...

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