Medication Safety

Supporting clinicians and clinical system vendors to tackle medicines safety and provide best practice prescribing.

The World Health Organisation is committed  to reducing harm from medicines and appliances by 50% over the next five years and NHS Digital has an ambitious approach for enhanced technology in  healthcare as set out in the report Personalised Health and Care 2020 Using Data and Technology to Transform Outcomes for Patients.

FDB’s core Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Multilex is therefore perfectly positioned to support clinicians and clinical system vendors to tackle medicines safety and provide best practice prescribing.

Multilex is the UK’s leading clinical decision support solution, and when integrated into e-prescribing solutions across a wide range of healthcare settings, it enables evidence-based prescribing by providing essential checks to support clinicians.
Multilex is aligned to national prescribing guidance, and is proven to enhance patient safety and reduce associated costs. FDB offers vendors / system suppliers industry-leading knowledge of integration of its medication clinical decision support solution, Multilex, into prescribing solutions. Its in-house team of expert clinicians check multiple sources and interpret NICE and other best practice resources to ensure that all medicines’ information is up to date. Its position within the market means that FDB adopts new industry standards quickly and easily, while CDS can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of specialised environments to enhance clinical care, patient safety and quality.


The solution is integrated into leading e-Prescribing, pharmacy and GP systems and provides clinical decision support to check against patients’ previous conditions, allergies etc, helping healthcare professionals make more precise decisions. Clinician alerts include drug-drug interactions, allergies, and dose range checking all of which prompt workflow-appropriate actions and alerts. Long experience with integrated drug-allergy content enhances the ability of clinicians to record the most specific patient allergy information. 

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