Prescribing Budgets and Cost Swaps

Not all medications are clinically effective in all conditions or for all patients.

Where there is published guidance relating to the clinical effectiveness of a medication, research shows that prescribers can make better decisions when prompted with the option to take the evidence-based approach.  This evidence can highlight to prescribers the options that are more likely to achieve the therapeutic aims of the treatment and therefore likely to offer the greater benefit to the patient (problem successfully treated) while ensuring the long-term cost to the NHS is lower (episode of care successfully closed).  


FDB’s leading clinical decision support solutions help guide clinicians across all healthcare settings in the practice of good prescribing, optimising patient care while achieving better value from the prescribing spend.  When integrated into clinical systems, Multilex can offer targeted medication clinical decision support while OptimiseRx takes into consideration the patient’s current and previous medications, morbidities, observations and measurements to support prescribers in making the most clinically appropriate and cost effective prescribing decision. Since its launch in 2014, GP practices and NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups across England have saved more than £267m by selecting medicines suggested by the solution.


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