COVID-19 Related Company Update

At FDB (First Databank), we recognise that with the constantly changing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic these are unprecedented times. We understand the seriousness of the work being done by our healthcare provider and information system vendor colleagues and are deeply appreciative of all that they do.

We know that the task ahead for everyone will be challenging as we respond to this public health emergency, and we have made the following updates to our clinical decision support and medicines optimisation solutions.

FDB Multilex

Temporary hospital sites
Working alongside our vendor partners, FDB has agreed to provide Multilex free of charge to temporary COVID-19 field hospitals. This includes all the NHS Nightingale facilities already in operation or planned across the UK. This step will ensure that all field hospitals have the option to benefit from the UK’s leading e-prescribing and clinical decision support solution.

Drug Information
The Multilex drug database includes records for the available COVID-19 vaccines in the UK (including the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162B2 manufactured by Pfizer- BioNTech) in line with the NHS BSA Dictionary of Medicines and Devices. This information has been available for use in patient records since the November datacut. As additional information becomes available, the Multilex vaccine data is being updated to include suitable Clinical Decision Support (where available) and with any further changes as requested by the NHS BSA.

Agents used in the treatment of COVID-19 (e.g. remdesivir) continue to be reviewed to ensure that the most relevant Clinical Decision Support is available.

SNOMED CT update
Our teams have fast tracked the latest SNOMED CT release through all of the technical and editorial stages of the publication process.  This urgent integration of COVID-19 related codes into Multilex allows FDB’s decision support to be fully functioning when users start encoding COVID-19 in clinical records. Read our statement. We have also been in contact with our customers in order to offer support around COVID-19 and we have fast-tracked SNOMED data loading and carried out non-routine updates to further support customers.

Click here to read Mulitlex clinical information.

FDB OptimiseRx

OptimiseRx continues to provide prescribers with trusted content led by national guidance that is up to date, timely and specific to the patient.

We believe that now, more than ever, the best practice, safety and quality messages can be a great support to all those working with patients in primary care. 

We are constantly reviewing the latest national guidance around COVID-19 and assessing its suitability for OptimiseRx messages, and we have authored national messages based on advice from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) which can be enabled in local areas.

Our teams are also working closely with our CCG customers to help them prioritise and promote the right messages to support GP practices with the demands they currently face.

Click here for OptimiseRx clinical information.

If there are additional requirements or suggestions that we could action to further support the response to this emergency, please contact our Customer Services team and we will do all we can to help.