What’s it like to be the Content Solution Lead for OptimiseRx?

We asked Xingsan what his typical day is like during and after work, and what he enjoys most about working for FDB

I have worked for FDB for over 5 years altogether and this year I have transitioned into the Content Solution Lead position for OptimiseRx, our point of care medicines optimisation solution. I have witnessed the development, challenges and success of OptimiseRx, as well as the tremendous amount of effort the teams have put in. I’m very much honoured to be part of the solution now and I look forward to any new challenges in the future!


A typical working day (let’s take a Monday) for me begins at 8am over a cuppa with my colleagues, as I believe a happy team is a productive team!


After reviewing emails and priorities, I frequently have cross-functional meetings with the customer services and delivery teams to understand the latest customer movements from regional account managers and customer service team. My role there is to demonstrate the latest content KPIs to the board and collect feedback, and discuss any other topics involving the content team.


We also hold OptimiseRx editorial board meetings where many specific authoring issues are discussed between content authors. We typically cover off topics such as clinical safety, operational practicality, customer satisfaction and impact on other teams.  


For lunch I often join the team in the kitchen to have a good chat about life generally, sometimes mixed with a table tennis game or a walk into the famous countryside of Devon… which is just outside the office!


After catching up on emails and other actions, I attend the OptimiseRx management team meeting; this is a regular meeting for the Solution Lead and team leaders to discuss the current solution plan, future directions, staffing & recruitment and any other managerial related topics.


After work, I start another busy life with two children (a nine-year-old and a one-year-old) and do my best to give my wife a well-deserved break! If spare times do come up, I join my martial arts club for a quick and intense session of Taekwondo or Kick boxing.


What I enjoy most about FDB is the positive, productive and caring culture in the company. People working here believe in the value of our services in the healthcare world and give the best of what they have into it and support each other in doing so.