Meet our new Solution Lead, Darren Botes

We asked our new Solution Lead, Darren Botes, a few questions on why he joined FDB and how it differs from his previous role in emergency primary care

So Darren, why did you want to join FDB?

When I came across the job advert for the Solution Lead at FDB, I’d been looking for a new role for some time. I’d had fairly a diverse career in healthcare - mostly in emergency and primary care, as well as managing teams in various settings across the world. I was quite specific in what I was looking for, as it had to be something where I could apply my clinical knowledge and experience while still being able to make a difference. FDB seemed to tick all those boxes for me.

What drew you to the role of Solution Lead?

For me the initial attraction was on the job advert and the similarities of managing a team on a day to day basis. I enjoy working with people, so managing my own team is the ideal role for me. I also have passion for healthcare as well as business management, so I felt that FDB would be a great way to incorporate all these things.

What are the similarities and differences with your previous roles?

If we’re talking about my roles in emergency care and primary care, the corporate environment is quite different. I have been in corporate management in more recent roles, so in many ways there are some generic things that are very similar – especially if you’re looking at it from a management perspective. Having said that though, FDB is certainly unique, and by far one of the most interesting places I’ve worked. From a technical point of view, it incorporates so many different things, including IT, clinical data and information as well as talking to people from across the world.

What have you enjoyed most since joining here?

The culture at FDB is great. Everyone works hard, but it’s done in a relaxed, friendly environment. My colleagues have been very welcoming, and I’ve really had sense that I’m being listened to and that my opinion matters.

I’ve been able to apply the management experience I have gained and have enjoyed the flexibility the role brings in terms of work/life balance – something I have not experienced anywhere else.

I’ve also found the work that FDB do to be dynamic and exciting. You do really get a sense that you’re able to make a difference here, not only for the company but for customers and patients as well.