Welcome to our new website

A message from Darren

I am delighted to announce the launch of our new corporate website – welcome to fdbhealth.co.uk.


At FDB, we believe in helping healthcare professionals make precise decisions to improve patient safety, operational efficiency and healthcare outcomes. We are committed to the elimination of preventable medication errors and adverse drug events, with a view to creating a healthier world through the power of medical knowledge.


A leader within the wider digital health community, we are already making steps towards this vision. Over the past 35 years our medicines optimisation and decision support solutions have led the UK market and helped healthcare professionals in delivering improved clinical decisions.


In the UK today, our market leading solutions FDB Multilex and FDB OptimiseRx support thousands of clinicians and healthcare professionals:


• Multilex powers clinical decision support in electronic patient record systems across the full spectrum of healthcare settings.


• OptimiseRx is the UK's leading medicines optimisation solution delivering patient-specific prescribing information at the point of care. Combining evidence-based best practice, safety and cost-effective prescribing messages, OptimiseRx has helped the NHS save £125 million since launch through safer, lower cost prescriptions.


• We also have exciting plans with new solutions on the horizon, including FDB AnalyseRx – an innovative solution to enable ongoing medicines optimisation across a patient population – launching soon.


Together, these solutions are helping us to achieve our vision: a world where medication errors are a part of the distant past.


Darren Nichols

Managing Director