Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services improves patient safety with FDB Multilex Clinical Decision Support

Prescribing errors have been practically eliminated compared with using paper prescription charts and incomplete prescriptions are now a thing of the past.
Tomasz Wojcik
e-Prescribing Lead
Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services

Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy Services (Ashtons) developed its e-Works electronic prescribing and administration system with integrated Multilex Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to respond to their customers’ need for paperless systems and enhanced patient safety.

Download the case study to read the full story and learn how Ashtons reaped the clinical benefits of Multilex, including no prescription writing errors following the introduction of e-Works at an independent mental health hospital.

No prescription writing errors following e-Works

Prescription audit results pre and post the introduction of e-Works at an independent mental health hospital