North Yorkshire CCG uses Multi-Profile Tool to facilitate merging organisations

FDB OptimiseRx is the most patient-specific medicines optimisation solution to deliver evidence-based decision support in real-time during the prescribing workflow, driving adherence to prescribing guidelines and reducing inappropriate variation of care.
The Multi-Profile Tool has been helpful not just because of the alignment that has been able to take place, but because of its ability to identify the variance in order to kick these discussions off and maintain variance where required, whilst working towards alignment where possible.
Senior Pharmacist
North Yorkshire CCG

To support recent NHS structural changes, OptimiseRx’s Multi-Profile Tool helps Medicines Optimisation Teams identify and manage prescribing variances across a region. It supports alignment and standardisation, where possible, while still allowing localisation when needed. This also means that it can operationally facilitate merging organisations by having all profile information and management in one place.