NHS Nottingham CCGs align their content profiles to standardise messages across the region

We are delighted with the success of this project. In the future, we may well be going through a similar process with Mid Nottinghamshire, and we might be able to use the new OptimiseRx multiple profile tool to do that.
Nayna Zuzarte
Associate Chief Pharmacist
Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership

In 2018, the four Greater Nottingham CCGs decided to adopt a unified OptimiseRx profile to enhance efficiency and consistency.

The profile alignment project was managed extremely successfully with great collaboration across the CCGs – to time and to budget – and has led to a range of benefits across the area, including continuity of care and improved patient safety.

Download the case study now and learn how NHS Nottingham CCGs have benefitted from aligning their OptimiseRx content profiles.

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