Acute Care

Helping hospitals work smarter without having to work harder.
Working with hospitals and hospital system suppliers to provide accurate drug information and intuitive clinical decision support at the point of care.

Supporting Clinical Decision Making

FDB keeps ahead of new technological advancements in secondary care and across the healthcare spectrum and, with its team of experts who have worked with hospitals for many years, clinicians can be assured they are using the industry-leading medication clinical decision support solution.

FDB’s core clinical decision support (CDS) solution, FDB Multilex, provides consistency of prescribing and dispensing, and is easily integrated into secondary care e-prescribing solutions.

Multilex provides the following benefits:

Clinical Decision Support within e-prescribing, e-discharge and hospital pharmacy applications
Pills in hand
  • Advanced medication decision support within e-prescribing 
  • An electronic record audit trail, saving clinicians’ time while supporting good prescribing for patients
  • Reduced prescribing and dispensing errors
  • Allows clinicians to focus in on the right drug knowledge within their normal workflow

FDB Solutions for Acute Care

FDB Multilex®
FDB Multilex
We selected FDB Multilex as our data provider due to its experience of working with Epic in the USA. It’s a proven UK medication database which allowed us to be dm+d compliant from go-live.
Cambridge University Hospitals
Andrew Staples
Lead pharmacist for electronic prescribing, reporting and metrics
Cambridge University Hospitals

FDB’s consistent drug knowledge and industry expertise supports the easy transfer of care records between care settings throughout the healthcare continuum: from GP practice to secondary care, community pharmacy and elsewhere. Our solutions are aligned to national prescribing guidance and are proven to enhance patient safety and reduce associated adverse drug interactions.

Our industry-leading medication clinical decision support solution is provided by our in-house team of expert clinicians, who check multiple sources and interpret NICE and other best practice resources to ensure that all medicines’ information is up to date. Our position within the market means that FDB adopts new industry standards quickly and easily, while CDS can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of specialised environments to enhance clinical care, patient safety and quality.

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