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Supporting new applications providers make prescribing safer
FDB Multilex can be integrated into apps and prescribing and dispensing systems, providing consistency across healthcare settings and in the wider healthcare space.

FDB Multilex integrates into apps to support active clinical checking against a patient’s medical record or to provide vital clinical information. Real time clinical alerts and warnings highlighted within the e-prescribing process assist in reducing the risk of medical errors.

FDB works with application providers to provide accurate drug information and intuitive clinical decision support at the point of care. FDB keeps ahead of new technological advancements across the healthcare spectrum and, with its team of experts who have worked with system providers for many years, users can be assured they are using industry-leading medication clinical decision support.

FDB Multilex provides the following benefits:

• Advanced medication decision support across a wide range of clinical apps.
• Proven to enhance patient safety and reduce associated adverse drug interactions
• Years of experience of integrating into industry leading clinical solutions.
• An electronic record audit trail, which saves clinicians’ time while supporting good prescribing for patients.
• Reduced prescribing and dispensing errors due to checking on drug interactions, duplicate therapy, drug-disease contraindications, dose and allergy.
• Allows clinicians to focus in on the right drug knowledge within their normal workflow.

While innovation should be encouraged, it must never come at the expense of quality. As with all health care services, patient safety must be at the heart of all decisions around what kind of care is offered and how it is delivered.
Professor Steve Field
Chief Inspector of General Practice
Care Quality Commission

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