Out of Hours

People don’t only need doctors from 9-5
We call it a “continuum of care”, populated by a vast number of variable challenges discrete to each point of decision.
That’s why medication decision support solutions that bridge the differences in clinical focus, organisational mission, operating model, and market condition are so critical. And why so many clinical and information management experts in so many organisations around the world rely on FDB for practical, targeted, and intuitive drug knowledge solutions.

FDB advantages for Out-of-Hours healthcare:

  • Proven success in providing drug knowledge for Out of Hours medical provision, including healthcare-related websites, mobile health applications, consulting and research organisations, long-term care providers, home care providers, and hospice providers
  • Specialised implementation services to help capitalise on opportunity, meet emerging challenges, and enhance leadership position
First Databank has broad capabilities - it is a very content rich and specialised area. They have a good reputation and manage the content well.
Jim Chase

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