Primary Care

Supporting primary care with market leading solutions
FDB has been providing clinical decision support for GPs and primary care clinical systems since 1989, saving money, time and enhancing patient safety.
Each of our current and future solutions has an important part to play in helping GPs navigate the enormous complexity of practicing twenty-first century medicine:

Our Solutions

FDB AnalyseRx®

A new solution to enable proactive, ongoing medicines optimisation across a patient population. With AnalyseRx, teams can quickly gain insight to determine priorities & manage every step in the medicines optimisation process.
FDB Multilex®

The UK’s most widely used drug database and e-prescribing decision support solution, Multilex integrates into the existing workflow and is used at the point of care as a trusted e-prescribing decision support tool.

FDB Solutions for Primary Care

FDB OptimiseRx®
FDB OptimiseRx
FDB AnalyseRx
FDB Multilex®
FDB Multilex

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