Multilex presents an ideal drug knowledge solution for developers and healthcare decision makers alike. The industry's most rigorous compilation of drug information for integration within healthcare information systems, Multilex has been proven in literally thousands of healthcare contexts.

"Having a nationally recognised clinical decision support tool immediately reduces risk from the patient perspective."

Kate Turner, iSOFT

The clinical decision support within the Multilex drug knowledge base checks the medication about to be prescribed or dispensed against information held in the patient's Electronic Health Record and generates a real-time alert message if there are potential clinical problems.

Our clinical decision support ensures that clinicians are aware of the potential hazards of a medication and how these relate to their patient before the medication is prescribed, dispensed or administered, thus helping to reduce the occurrence of medication errors and improve patient safety.

When incorporated into a clinical system and linked with the patient's Electronic Health Record, the sophisticated clinical decision support within Multilex is able to carry out the following checks:

>   Drug and Food Interactions
>   Sensitivities, Contraindications and Precautions
>   Drug and Therapeutic Doubling
>   Dose Range Check
>   Similar Names
>   Clinical Terminologies
>   Allergy Check
>   Harmonised with Medical Dictionaries