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Drug-Disease Contraindications Module™

Providing links between drugs and diseases to enhance decision making.

The Drug-Disease Contraindications Module creates warnings concerning the use of certain drugs in patients with specific conditions and diseases, or patients who have had certain procedures or diagnostic tests. Clinicians may use these warnings to make informed decisions about altering a patient’s drug therapy when these conditions exist.

FDB Drug-Disease Contraindications Module Advantages:

  • Provides links between drugs and diseases to enhance decision making – individual drug entities are linked to a module code, which is further linked to a list of drug-disease contraindications and warnings, represented by FDB disease identifiers. In the case of multi-ingredient drug products, each ingredient may have its own list of associated contraindicated identifiers. A grouping of drug ingredients may also have its own module code. These disease identifiers are also linked to ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes.
  • Provides multiple severity-level messages – When the information system detects a drug-disease alert, it generates one of three messages indicating severity levels: Contraindication, Severe Warning and Moderate Warning.
  • Uses a controlled, concept-based medical vocabulary – the First Databank Medical Lexicon (FML). FML uniquely represents drug indications, disease conditions, and health-related conditions, such as diagnoses, symptoms and side effects. DxID disease alert phrases can be searched or displayed using either primary professional terminology or medical abbreviations. For consumer applications, layman synonyms are provided.