Multilex presents an ideal drug knowledge solution for developers and healthcare decision makers alike. The industry's most rigorous compilation of drug information for integration within healthcare information systems, Multilex has been proven in literally thousands of healthcare contexts.

Multilex Dose delivers rapid access to clinically validated, pre-defined doses; the relevant data components to enable the creation of user-defined doses; and dose checking functionality.

Dose entry in existing electronic systems is perceived to be time consuming while dose calculation and text entry present frequent opportunities for introducing error.

When Multilex Dose is made available in a clinical system, clinicians can benefit from:

  • Speedy access to clinically validated, pre-defined dose instructions,
  • Flexibility to modify pre-defined doses,
  • Structured dose data to enable clinicians to define doses consistently,
  • Safer prescribing by reducing the possibility of over- and under-dosing, and
  • Seamless delivery at point of care within the clinical workflow.   

Multilex Dose provides a structured format for the construction, communication, recording and checking of prescribed doses:

  • Pre-defined doses – patient and indication specific doses covering the most commonly prescribed medications,
  • User-defined doses – data components including frequencies, quantities and concentrations to details of diluents and license status in order to create customised dosing instructions where necessary, and
  • Dose check – includes dose range check and cumulative dose check for clinician defined or altered doses