FDB AnalyseRx®

Ongoing medicines optimisation for a patient population
A new solution to enable proactive, well-governed, ongoing medicines management and optimisation across a patient population.
Empower transformation in primary care
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Using evidence-based search algorithms, AnalyseRx aligns patient care outcomes to your medicines strategy.

FDB AnalyseRx® will be the first solution to enable practices to identify, prioritise, coordinate, track, manage and record medicines optimisation opportunities across a patient population - all from within your EMIS clinical system.

Support joined-up working
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Designed to support the rapidly growing number of practice pharmacists who have been assigned greater responsibility for patients’ ongoing medicines optimisation.

FDB AnalyseRx helps tackle problematic polypharmacy, reduce medicines-related hospital admissions, reduce waste and reduce demand on GPs.

FDB AnalyseRx is a complete, end-to-end solution:

Automatically identify and prioritise all medicines optimisation opportunities across a practice population on a daily basis

Coordinate, track, manage and record those opportunities on a patient-specific basis across your practice team

Provide proactive ongoing management of patients on repeat medications to ensure their medication is safe, appropriate and cost effective

Measure and understand the clinical and financial impact of interventions and future dynamics (missed & remaining opportunities)

FDB MedKnowledge Foundations

Embedded within the clinical system

No log-in required and interacts with clinical system workflows

FDB Data Files

Near real-time patient information

Daily data extracts prevent data being out of sync

Direct access to the patient medical record

Patients will be easily identifiable and accessible, no need to search for or manually re-identify patients within system

Multiple views

Practice population level view AND individual patient level view


Evidence-based algorithms

Intervention opportunities presented in the right contexts where there is an opportunity for action

Proactively pinpoints

and prioritises patients of interest using multiple medication risk factors

FDB AnalyseRx Workflows

Practices will be able to manage ongoing medicines optimisation within FDB AnalyseRx using four medicines-related workflows.

Safety Surveillance

Reviews all patients against multiple medicines-related risk factors and automatically categorises and prioritises at-risk patients by severity

Medicines Review

Identifies patients upcoming for Medicines Review, prioritised by proximity in time or clinical severity.

Proactive Reauthorisation

Identifies patients upcoming for reauthorisation where there is a need for an intervention, prioritised by proximity in time or clinical severity.

Rx Budget

Identifies medicines cost savings and enables monitoring of expenditure against prescribing budget in near real time

Deliver and provide evidence of real benefits

Reduce risk

Improve medicines safety, reduce ADEs & unplanned hospital admissions


Reduce cost

Reduce ineffective medicines, improve formulary adherence & prescribing budget management

Improve best practice

Optimise patient outcomes & experience, reduce unwarranted variation in prescribing


Improve operational efficiency

Improve multi-disciplinary team working, reduce number of manual & technical tools required, reduce effort, save time, reduce demand on GPs

What the market says:

We are very interested in collaborating with FDB [to] allow us to make a step change in our understanding that then informs a more proactive use of our medicines optimisation resources and also allows us to more clearly evidence the changes and benefits delivered.
Graham Atkinson
Head of Medicines Management
Morecambe Bay CCG

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