FDB AnalyseRx®

The first solution fully integrated into EMIS Web to help NHS primary care teams proactively identify and easily action medicines optimisation opportunities across a patient population.

The key to unlocking the next level of medicines optimisation opportunities.

AnalyseRx is designed to help primary care teams manage patient medication needs over time accurately and safely.

With AnalyseRx, teams can quickly gain insight to determine priorities and then coordinate and manage every step in the medicines optimisation process, all within EMIS Web. Patient data is automatically refreshed daily, enabling teams to spend more time focusing on the patients identified and less time on data manipulation.

Ultimately this leads to increased productivity, more time for patient care and better clinical outcomes at every level of your organisation.


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Enables smarter collaborative working to get more done
Enable smarter collaborative working to get more done
Go beyond identifying and prioritising patients at risk to unlocking the real impact by actioning those opportunities as a team. Primary care team members can initiate, coordinate and manage priority medicines optimisation opportunities with all relevant staff.
This transformational way of working means the right people are delivering the right care at the right time for that patient. It also means that duplication of work and revisiting patients’ needs can be a thing of the past. 
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Fully integrated into EMIS Web to make your lives easier

All patient searches and follow-up actions can be quickly completed by accessing AnalyseRx within EMIS, providing shared visibility and removing data silos that exist when using several systems to perform similar work.

Direct clinical system integration also means dynamic patient data, and therefore no weekly data uploads or exports to spreadsheets. Data is automatically there and refreshed daily leaving you to focus on patient-facing activities.
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Sophisticated activity reporting and organisational insight

Bring clarity and drive decisions. Our powerful reporting dashboards help you understand how your organisation is performing against key goals, and enable you to check progress across the team.

Sophisticated data insights also help you to identify areas for improvement specific to your organisation. AnalyseRx’s reporting and insights data can be used at multiple levels in a geographic area, from GP practice up to PCN or even ICBs and ICSs.

With medicines optimisation and monitoring opportunities identified automatically, use searches and filters to accurately prioritise the most impactful.
Action priority opportunities immediately with direct access to the EMIS patient record or delegate activities across the practice team from within the clinical system.
Monitor progress of opportunities and organisation performance, report on actions taken and generate actionable insights to determine future priorities.
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Deliver and provide evidence of real value

Maximise patient safety
Accurately find priority patients to reduce risk and increase consistency across your organisation. 

Increase time to care
Streamline work processes and collaborate with the entire primary care team to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Deliver on NHS priorities
Maximise NHS incentive schemes and payments with delivery against DES requirements and indicators like IIF and QOF.

Reduce prescribing costs
Reduce ineffective medicines, improve formulary adherence and prescribing budget management.
AnalyseRx will save me so much time, I don’t need to write, run and wait for searches. I can just dip in and action patients when required.
Kim Ryan
PCN Pharmacy Technician