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Compliance and Best Practice

Bringing the NHS quality agenda to life.

First Databank understands the requirement for GPs and CCGs to be optimising medications use both in terms of adherence to national best practice guidelines and within prescribing budget constraints.  FDB brings innovative tools to market to support GPs and CCGs to optimise their prescribing behaviour and match it to NHS best practice guidelines.

FDB advantages for compliance and best practice:

OptimiseRx  Point of Care
Delivered at the point of care via our partner GP clinical systems, OptimiseRx – Point of Care provides best practice prescribing decision support encompassing national prescribing guidance, safety and cost.    Having the patient’s details at the heart of the decision allows for more intelligent recommendations which are more likely to be accepted by the GP.

AnalyseRx Population View
Gives CSUs and CCGs the power to use patient level data to drive clinically meaningful dashboards presenting anomaly tracking, adherence to NHS mandated safety and evidence based best practice guidelines and prescribing spends. 

AnalyseRx Patient View
Provides patient level reporting and identifies the individual patients that were responsible for the trends seen using AnalyseRx - Population View.  It also allows you to action optimal drug regimens or interventions for long term condition patient cohorts or individuals.