FDB OptimiseRx®

Maximise prescribing quality and value
The only truly patient-specific medicines optimisation solution to deliver cost savings while driving up the quality of prescribing.

Delivering immediate budget impact whilst enabling local control

OptimiseRx combines national guidance and the best available evidence with locally authored formularies and policies. GPs benefit from more targeted and expertly authored medicines information that supports their clinical decisions, whilst Medicines Optimisation Teams can improve consistency, compliance and formulary adherence to help them achieve their cost and quality objectives.

Unrivalled Breadth & Depth Of National Clinical Content

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Comprehensive, point-of-care guidance on quality, safety and cost is authored by our clinical experts from national sources including NICE, MHRA, NHSE, RCGP and the UK Health Security Agency
Reducing the workload burden on Medicines Optimisation Teams, OptimiseRx’s core content reflects the latest national guidance and is regularly updated by our in-house team of clinical experts

Truly Patient-Specific

Deeply integrated into the prescribing workflow of the GP clinical system
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The only solution of its kind to have full access to all relevant coded information in the patient record, ensuring that the guidance presented is truly patient-specific
The scope of OptimiseRx covers over fifteen thousand SNOMED and dm+d codes allowing algorithms to interrogate multiple inputs from the patient record.
This means that messages are only presented to clinicians when appropriate and relevant to the individual patient and prescribing event; reducing alert fatigue and encouraging higher message acceptance rates.

Sophisticated Technology

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As an on-demand, web-based SaaS solution, OptimiseRx can be switched on instantly with no local downloads required
As an on-demand, web-based SaaS solution, OptimiseRx can be switched on instantly with no local downloads required, therefore will also work wherever the clinical system is being used including remotely.
Constantly monitored cloud-based support offers high availability with minimal downtime, and all customers have access to a web-based portal allowing customisation of their local profile and national message content to satisfy their local prescribing objectives.

OptimiseRx helps you to achieve sustainable value

Since launch, OptimiseRx has saved the NHS more than £355 million through more cost-effective prescribing. Our unique analytics and reports help you to track the implementation of your local formulary and strategy by discovering how your prescribers are engaging OptimiseRx guidance messages.

The leading medicines optimisation solution in the UK

Of ICSs live with OptimiseRx
GP practices using OptimiseRx
patient population
total savings to the NHS

Deliver Immediate Impact

Quickly deliver a positive impact on the safety and cost-effectiveness of clinical practice across multiple sites

Drive better quality prescribing

Improve adherence to prescribing guidelines and reduce inappropriate variation of care

Align with national and local NHS priorities

Enable Medicines Optimisation Teams to deliver campaigns and respond effectively to commissioner and prescriber needs
FDB MedKnowledge Framework

Local and National Prescribing Guidance

Use insights to inform a medicines optimisation strategy and achieve patient safety and budget objectives

Unlock Direct Savings Safely

Deliver financial benefits through evidence-based decision support, safely reducing costs without compromising patient care
FDB MedKnowledge Foundations

Supporting you every step of the way

Our clinical experts can help you to tailor your prescribing profile to focus guidance messages on your local prescribing initiatives

A medicines optimisation solution that works for:

Reduces risk of harm to patients and promotes safer prescribing and improved patient outcomes through adherence to best practice, including patient monitoring and co-prescribing
Messages are presented to clinicians only when appropriate to the individual patient and prescribing event, reducing alert fatigue and encouraging higher message acceptance rates
Medicines Optimisation Teams

Use OptimiseRx to tailor messages to local formulary and prescribing objectives, while supporting safer prescribing and budget expectations

Integrated Care Boards
Help your Medicines Optimisation Teams to achieve prescribing budgets while adhering to national guidance and NHS Long Term Plan goals

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