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Pharmacy Dispensing

High-performance solutions in a high-intensity environment.

In the face of a pressure cooker workflow, unique customer service requirements, and sharply increasing competitive challenges, it’s clear that retail pharmacies have specific needs for relevant and actionable drug knowledge. That’s why so many of the UK’s retail pharmacy outlets - chain, independent, supermarket - utilise FDB’s drug knowledge solutions to help them with everything from drug dispensing and medication use reviews to patient education and counseling.

FDB advantages for pharmacy dispensing:

  • Multilex is a key component within the UK’s retail pharmacy dispensing systems,
  • Multilex provides screening for drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-allergy interactions to help retail pharmacists provide effective medical use review, and
  • FIRSTLight delivers highly informative patient information related to medications and products, including patient information leaflets, detailed patient counseling messages, and clear instructions on how to take and when to discontinue medications to facilitate patient compliance.